• PALM Gallery,一個專注於分享歐美藝術家的藝廊。



    去年,我與朋友參觀巴黎Art Basel,對第一次參觀藝博會的我們來說,巨大的震撼是展後久久無法忘懷的,不管是年輕的新銳藝術家,亦或是高不可攀的藍籌藝術家,一起在這裡百花齊放,心裡讚嘆著歐美藝術的自由奔放,卻又不失嚴謹的學術歷程。



    PALM Gallery,一個專注於分享歐美藝術家的藝廊。

    PALM Gallery, an art gallery focus on sharing western artists.

    It is a new challenge to a few close friends from different industries who love to collect art.

    I am Poya, an opera soprano lived in Paris for nearly ten years. Art has always been a part of my life for me, and collecting works is like my accumulation of life records.

    Last year, I visited Art Basel in Paris with my friends. For us who visited the art fair for the first time, the huge shock is something that we will never forget, whether it is a young emerging artist or an unattainable blue chip Artists, a hundred flowers bloom together here! Admiring the free and unrestrained western art in my heart, but without losing the rigorous academic process.

    Under this powerful impact, we came up with an idea, "I want to take what I feel here back to Taiwan." After repeated discussions, we decided to open an art gallery focusing on western artists in Taiwan. Share everything we feel here with everyone.

    After nearly a year of preparation, we decided to meet with you at the end of the year officially.

    PALM Gallery, an art gallery focus on sharing western artists.